We have all experienced some family quarreling at one time or another. In south Louisiana we usually save it for big family gatherings or a wedding reception.

For the Knowles family, apparently they do their fighting at a fashion show.

Solange Knowes, sister of megastar Beyoncé, went all post office on her brother in-law, hip hop king Jay Z. The incident happened in an elevator at an after-party of the Met Gala in New York City.

TMZ has released the surveillance video where you can see (but not hear) what went down. She yells, then lunges at Jay Z, pushes him, hits him with her arms and purse, kicks him, and then gets restrained by a guy who must be a bodyguard.

There's another woman in the elevator and it appears to be Beyoncé but she stays out of it.

No one's commenting yet as to what was the reason for the whole hoopla.

A family that brawls together...ok, sorry, nothing rhymes with that. Check out the video and see for yourself.

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