There has been a bunch of commotion since yesterday regarding the video that leaked exhibiting Beyonce Knowles' sister, Solange, attacking rapper, Jay-Z. This led me to wonder where exactly are "hidden" cameras, and when are they watching our every move?

The leaked video, originally posted by TMZ, is crazy and interesting at the same time. First of all, I wonder what pushed Solange over the edge, causing her to go postal on the famous rapper. Second, how does Beyonce and Jay-Z (for the most part) keep their poise? I think the two were smart enough to not go crazy and react inappropriately because they knew there was a camera in the elevator. I mean, do you really think Beyonce is going to let people see her get crazed?

There have been several times I am somewhere like a bathroom, dressing room, hotel room, elevator, etc. and have wondered am I really alone? Is there a hidden camera watching my every move? I know you have wondered this at times, too. Sometimes it's better to think that there is always a camera or tape recorder watching and listening to everything you say and do. Maybe thinking this way will help us filter ourselves better.

Obviously, the reason for cameras on elevators, in buildings, parking lots, interstates, etc. is for security and surveillance. People get bent-out-of-shape over red light cameras, but do they understand how many cameras are already everywhere else? If you type your address into Google Maps, you can see a satellite picture of your house. Talk about weird!

For the most part, it is comforting to know that cameras are present; however, sometimes it can be frightening. Next time you are alone, remember that you may not be after all.

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