At last week's White House state dinner held for French President Emmanuel Macron apparently jambalaya was served. Louisiana's Bill Cassidy was all like "Wait a minute, hold up. I know jambalaya, and this is not Jambalaya." I might be paraphrasing, but basically that's what he said. Cassidy is calling it “fake food”. But, Cassidy doesn't seem to really know what jambalaya is...

The dish that was served, Cassidy says, was called jambalaya with a rack of lamb placed on top. Being from Louisiana, Cassidy knows jambalaya...or doe he?

Cassidy told Fox Business “I’m not sure there was a roux within that jambalaya. And as everyone back home knows, first you make a roux, r-o-u-x. And that is upon which you base your jambalaya. I’m not sure I tasted a roux.”

You make jambalaya with a roux? Looks like I've cooking it wrong my entire life.


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