Should the need arise for you to evacuate your home because of a storm or other disaster what would you do with your pets? Many shelters for evacuees do not have accommodations for our furry friends. Quite often that puts pet owners in a bit of quandary.

Legislation passed last week by the Louisiana Legislature could help ease some of the angst and anxiety pet owners might feel during a time of emergency. The state has set aside specific shelters for animals. This new legislation will give pet owners a little more time to return to these shelters to claim their animals.

Should Governor Edwards agree with the legislation and place his signature on the bill then pet owners will have a full 30 days to claim their animals from state-sponsored shelters. This should come in handy as victims of disasters rebuild and repair damaged property including animal enclosures.

It is hoped this new legislation will give pet owners more peace of mind and a better opportunity to claim their animals as they put their lives back together following a disaster such as a hurricane or a flood.

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