The Blair Witch Project was such a success partly because of the film’s marketing — even though we all know it’s not, a lot of its popularity came about because of the insistence that it was all real. Now it looks like Adam Wingard’s surprise sequel Blair Witch might be capitalizing on that phenomenon with a new viral marketing plan.

First off, we have what appears to be a Kickstarter page for a documentary that has something to do with the woods the legendary witch allegedly calls home. “Lisa Arlington” was making a documentary called The Absence of Closure back in 2014 “that examines the tragedy of ambiguous loss.” The most recent post on the page is from a close friend of Lisa’s who says she’s been missing for two years. No results come up when you search in Google for a missing person named Lisa Arlington, so it looks like this might be fake. We sure hope so. Interesting thing is, Lisa is one of the names of the characters in Blair Witch.

Now there might be a new clue that has to do with Lisa’s “disappearance.” A video was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday from a user named Dark Truth301 that basically shows a person with a camera running from something through a creepy old house. The camera is shaky, and we never see the person but we can hear them breathing. Then, something happens, and the camera cuts to black.

The description of the video is even more chilling.

Now that people are starting to wake up and join the search for truth, we felt it time to share one of our darkest secrets. Our friends and fellow hactivists, known as darknet666, originally posted this in April 2014 when they found an old dv tape in the Black Hills Forest (Frederick Watershed), Maryland. Within a month, they'd gone missing in those same woods and the video was mysteriously DELETED as part of a COVER-UP. We recently “acquired” the file from our friend’s computer. THIS IS WHAT THE AUTHORITIES DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE.

The description ends with a sinister “More to come....”

Could this be viral marketing for Blair Witch? It sure looks that way, and that would be better than the alternative, which is that a woman has been apparently missing in the Maryland woods for two years. If it is part of a viral campaign, it’ll be interesting to see where this story goes next.

Blair Witch creeps into theaters September 16.

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