You know we're getting deep into the summertime blues when we start discussing flavors of Blue Bell Ice Cream. I am on record as saying Blue Bell Vanilla or Pralines and Cream are the only real flavors we need but since they make others it would only be polite to try them all.

The Texas-based creamery announced yesterday that Southern Blackberry Cobbler ice cream would be back on store shelves this week. I think that's a good thing.

I love blackberry cobbler. The berries used to grow wild near my childhood home and if we picked enough of them then my Dad would make a cobbler. So there is a bit of nostalgic twinge factoring into taste buds.

There is nothing like hot cobbler and cold ice cream mixed together in a bowl of soupy purple goodness. I for one am glad to welcome Southern Blackberry Cobbler back from Blue Bell. The summer has been a long time coming and now it tastes like it's finally here.




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