How could you make the Stay-at-Home order even more difficult to deal with? Try subtracting water. Unfortunately, that is the case for some residents of Opelousas this morning. Well, to clarify, they aren't exactly without water. They just need to boil that water for at least a minute if they intend to consume it.

Mayor Julius Alsandor has told reporters that a water main break is affecting water service to some parts of the city. As of now, there is a boil advisory in place for the area northeast of Attakapas Drive. Crews have been working during the evening hours to repair the break and maintain service to the community. 

As is the case anytime there is a significant break in a water line or more importantly, a water system has lost pressure a boil advisory has been put in place. That advisory will remain in effect until further notice. The water supply and system will need to be vetted by the Louisiana Department of Health. Once they have given the all-clear, then residents may resume normal water usage.


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