There are so many factors in life that contribute to our confidence, or lack there of. How much we weigh, what clothes we where, even the style of our hair can cause us to have a low sense of confidence.


However, according to psychologists, there are parts of our language and how we speak that can affect our confidence as well.

After doing a little research, these psychologists determined that there are 11 phrases that we use all too often that damper our level of confidence. These phrases are:

  1. "I have to do that."
  2. "I can't do that."
  3. "I shouldn't do that."
  4. "Why is this happening to me?"
  5. "I never should have."
  6. "I failed."
  7. "If only I had done _____."
  8. "This is too complicated."
  9. "It's not fair."
  10. "It's never going to change."
  11. "Never" (or "always")

The thing is, it's not just about cutting these phrases out. It's about what we should be saying. So, what are the better alternatives?

  1. "I get to do that."
  2. "I can try to do that."
  3. "I will/won't do that."
  4. "What am I learning from this?"
  5. "Because I did that, I know know _____."
  6. "This attempt didn't work."
  7. Nothing!
  8. "I don't understand this right now."
  9. "I can deal with it anyway!"
  10. "I can change the way I approach this."
  11. Avoid absolutes altogether!

What many people don't realize is that the way they talk to themselves can be some of the harshest words they will ever hear.

So, if you are feeling down in the dumps and could use a little boost, give this suggestion a try. What harm could being a little nicer to yourself do?

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