We, the human-animal, are an enigma wrapped in mystery. While we spend a lot of time vocalizing about what we need and what we want, we often don't put the time and effort needed into actually bringing those wants and needs to fruition. For example, almost all of us say we'd like to be better liked among our co-workers and peer group. However, most of us don't take those tiny extra steps needed to secure our ultimate goal.

Maybe it's because we are lazy or maybe it's because we don't know how to go about achieving that level of popularity. As it turns out, there are basically three questions that stand between you and your more widely appreciated persona.

What Are the Three Questions?

That's the beauty of this particular sociology experiment. There aren't three exact questions. So, there's no need to whip out the notepad on your phone to take down the tips. The "tip" is actually three questions. Confused? We thought so.

Maybe this will help clarify the "three question conundrum".  If you want to be more likable then you need to give off the appearance that you already "like" those who you'd like to like you back. The way you can do that is by simply asking three questions about the person you want to like you more.

Just make sure the questions are about them and that you give them a moment or two to answer the questions. Think about it this way. We are each our own favorite subject to talk about. We love to hear the sound of our own name and we love to share our opinions and exploits with almost anyone that will listen.

Science has proven that when you ask at least three questions of another person to their face, they begin to perceive you as more intelligent and engaged. After all, a higher life form would be interested in finding out more about "them", right?

As a boss or manager, your choice to ask your team questions about themselves, their day, their families, and even how their job is going empowers employees. They are hungry to let someone else know just how important and necessary they are. So, by taking the time to ask three questions and listen, you'll appear that way on the surface and in their psyche.

The subject of the questions you ask can be related to anything that relates to that person. Obviously, in a work situation, there are certain subjects that you shouldn't discuss unless you really enjoy visiting with your Human Resources Director.

But for the most part, you too can earn major brownie points from almost anyone by simply asking three questions. The first one can be "How are you today"? Just make sure you actually listen for the response before you launch into your two follow-ups.

I always ask about people's pets. I like talking about animals more than I do kids and people love sharing about their animal friends. And if you have some useful information that you can pass along that will help their furry friend live a longer and healthier life then you will truly be loved.

Stumped on animal knowledge? Here let us help you break the ice and get warmed up to a wonderful new relationship.

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