Where can you get good boudin around here? It's a question we've found ourselves asking on many occasions, but after discovering what may be the greatest boudin resource in the history of the internet, locating the best boudin in town is no longer an issue.

The site is an incredible, and if we're honest, borderline obsessive archive of boudin in Louisiana.

BoudinLink.com calls itself the "premier website for taste testing and rating all the links in Louisiana and beyond," and they may be right. If there's a better boudin resource anywhere in the world, we'd like to see it. The site is an incredible (and if we're honest, borderline obsessive) archive of boudin in Louisiana. BoudinLink founder Robert Carriker, or "Dr. Boudin" as he refers to himself on the site, personally drives across the state sampling and analyzing boudin. He's the real deal. A boudin connoisseur.


So what makes this site so cool? BoudinLink goes above and beyond in their boudin coverage. BoudinLink includes boudin news, locations, grades, pictures, and write ups. It's a one-stop-shop for everything you've ever wanted to know about every link of boudin in the state.

Aside from creating BoudinLink.com, Carriker is also the founder of the Lafayette Boudin Cook-Off. He's also the creator of the Cracklin Trail, author of Boudin: A Guide to Louisiana's Extraordinary Link, and is a regular contributor to magazines, newspapers, and other media looking for boudin expertise.

Dr. Boudin's passion for rice and pork injected into a natural casing is unparalleled.  We'll just call it like it is... Robert Carriker is a boudin hero.

Check out BoudinLink.com and share it with your boudin loving friends. Next time you overhear anyone discussing who makes the best boudin in town, send'em over to BoudinLink.com and settle the argument once and for all.

Dr. Boudin joined "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning" to talk about his escapades. Click the 'Play' button below to listen to the full interview.

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