A 10 year old boy from Idaho came into contact with a Mountain Lion and escaped with only a few scrapes and scratches! "His biggest concern was that his schoolmates wouldn't believe him, which is kind of funny," Senior Conservation Officer Matt O'Connell said. 

Gawly Gee!  If that was me, that would be the last thing I'd care about.  A freaking Mountain Lion is about to eat me/ could have eaten me.  I guess that is what I cared about at 10 years old though.  It was all about how cool I could look, right?

The boy and his father came across the mountain lion while searching for a dog.  The boy ran from the predator but stumbled and fell. It was then the mountain lion took a swipe, scratching the boy's arm and hand.

The dad heard the boy yelling and was able to scare the mountain lion off with a 9mm handgun. A police officer and the Idaho Wildlife Fish and Game responded to the call and tracked the big cat down a few hours later near the carcass of the families missing hunting dog.


The mountain lion was detained and euthanized.

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