Luke and I decided to share one of our "best" thanksgiving stories with you.

Luke's Story: We were running around my grandmothers back yard with all of the cousins throwing around the ole' pig skin. My cousin Patrick breaks away and his brother Paul launches a long one. Patrick sprints to catch the ball and leaps, parallel to the ground, and is about to catch the football.... When the biggest tree in my grandmothers yard decided to jump in his way. Yup, you guessed it! Patrick crashed into the tree running wide open. Looking back, It was very comical. Hell, who am I kidding it WAS funny back then! We just had to act concerned while we checked him out to make sure he didn't need more than a trip to the hospital!

My siblings and I had the bright idea while we were young, instead of eating our Asparagus (which we all despised) we would put them in our socks and try to convince our Grandmother that we ate them. She believed us the first couple of times..... until she found my sister's socks one day and.... well you can about imagine what happened after that.

What are some of your thanksgiving stories? Funny, sad, bad, good. Tell us!