Woah, country superstar Brad Paisley could be a judge on American Idol? I do not think many people (women) would have a problem with that. We just recently learned that FOX network is considering Paisley to occupy one of the vacant judge's chair for their hit series. 

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler announced not too long ago that they would be leaving the show. It seems that if Brad Paisley were to be an American Idol judge, the show could possibly become bigger and better. One of American Idol's most popular winners was Carrie Underwood (who is good friends with Brad). In addition, American Idol has discovered several talented, country singers. If you did not know, last year's winner Scotty McCreery is on tour with Brad this year. Pop star Mariah Carey recently agreed to be an American Idol judge and it would only make sense to recruit a male for the last seat. The show has always had three judges:  two males and one woman.

Do you think Brad Paisley would make a good American Idol judge? Do you think he would be kind and goofy or strict and blunt? If not Brad, then who do you see sitting in the open judges seat? We are also giving away tickets to see the American Idol Live Tour 2012 at the Cajundome on July 30. The show will showcase this past season's top ten finalists. For tickets and more information, click here.

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