Do you ever have questions about how the world works? Do you ever wonder what God wants you to know? Quite possibly you answered yes to those questions.  

I always see or hear people, my friends too, saying, "Don't try to push religion or God etc on me.  So by no means am I trying to do that to you.  As a matter of fact, I don't like people forcing that stuff on me either.  I want to figure it out by myself, my own way! This is just my way of sharing my experiences with you, and hopefully you can benefit from it, as much as I have.

You and I both have a "void" that needs to be filled with something. We try to fill it with certain things most of the times and it makes us think we are happy for a while, but we always seem to want something more.  You can call me crazy, I've been called worse! I think you know deep down though, that there is something more beautiful to come, something un-imaginable!

We however have to wait for that "something" and sometimes it gets frustrating, but let us this week enjoy what we have, slow down, take a deep breath, and focus on "staying young."

God Bless You, Have a great week my friend!