Renie Diniz da Silva has spent roughly $60,000 on body modifications, transforming himself into a "real-life devil."

The 38-year-old Brazilian dad has been altering his look for the past 14 years. However, his choice of extreme body modifications has raised some eyebrows, resulting in him even getting banned from attending church.

According to the The Mirror, da Silva has two transdermal implants in his forehead which appear like devil horns protruding from his skull.

The removable implants are attached via two small holes in the skin, allowing the skin to heal and grow around the metal, making the horns appear very realistic.

"I already have 70 percent of my body tattooed," da Silva told The Mirror, adding he has four silicone implants in his right arm and four in his left. In addition, he has also had his tongue "forked and made black."

Some more of da Silva's extreme modifications include a lighting bolt implanted in his hand, orc ears, tattooed eyeballs and 14 surgically implanted steel teeth.

He also participates in body suspension and has hooks along his back, allowing him to swing from chains using his own skin to support his body weight.

His unusual appearance has caused da Silva to face criticism from friends, family and strangers who often tell him he should "not go out in public."

"Not everyone is accepting," da Silva shared. "Most of my friends like it, but there is always one who says they don't and criticize ... My father doesn't like it very much, and my family asks why I do all this."

Though he's no stranger to disapproval, da Silva admitted he was astonished when several pastors rejected him, refusing to allow him to attend church.

Despite the negativity, the tattoo enthusiast plans to continue his alternative makeover.

"I am happy," he told The Mirror. "I like tattoo modifications, and I really like participating in tattoo conventions."

In the future, da Silva plans to get genital implants and enlarge his already modified ears.

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