Residents around the Bajat Road neck of the woods in Carencro will be inconvenienced for a while as the bridge on that road has been closed.

The emergency closure was ordered by Public Works as a safety measure to the public. The bridge, which is located just south of Bajat Road's intersection with Ombrage Road, is closed today due to structural deficiencies identified in the bridge's timber piles.

The bridge will remain closed until funds are allocated for a replacement, according to Lafayette Director of Public Works Mark Dubroc.

This isn't the first time this area has made news for its transportation issues. You may recall last month, residents of Joli Road nearby began posting signs along that road in protest of the parish merely patching the holes instead of repaving the roadway.

We sure hope the money can be found by our local government to make all these repairs in a timely manner.

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