As Americans about the time we turn 16 we start a love affair. It's a love affair of the open road and our partner in this glorious romance wears four rubber shoes and can be our best friend and our worst enemy. It is our car. Did you know that almost half of us believe our cars have a viable personality? That same percentage is very likely to have given the vehicle that they drive a name. Today is  National Name Your Car Day, so I wanted to share with you some of the cars that I have known through the years and the story behind their names.



Ford's Thunderbird

My current car's name doesn't come from the personality of the vehicle it is all about the model. In fact I call the car by it's model name Thunderbird. There are variations on the that name, "T-Bird", "Bird", "Hello Ricky it's over heating again" and "Who knew there were so many plastic parts". It's a great car that is fun to drive and with the big V-8 motor and room for two it's perfect for going places without the kids.



Ford Explorer
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

The car I had before the Thunderbird was actually not a car, it was a SUV. It was a Ford Explorer that I bought the day that Hurricane Lili hit. That Explorer eventually became the B.B.P or the Big Blue Pig. I mean no disrespect  but a big SUV with two small kids becomes very messy very quickly. There was a recall notice issued about that vehicle that said it could spontaneously catch on fire. I always secretly hoped that it would.




Before the pig I had a 1988 Toyota Celica. It was gun metal gray and had all the masculinity of a Michael McDonald Concert. You see it was my wife's first car out of college and I inherited it when she bought a new Camry. The Celica was named "Bullit" like the movie not the deadly projectile. It looked like a bullet and it moved like a bullet, real fast in a straight line but God forbid if you needed to make a turn or sharp curve. I eventually traded Bullit for another car the day after it puked it's engine and most of it's fluids in the drive thru of McDonalds. By the way you can purchase the car you see pictured here from



Dodge Dart

In high school I had a car we called B.C. or Birth Control. Just one look at this bad boy it was pretty clear there would be no unplanned pregnancies occurring because of this fine machine. It had all the sexual energy  of nail fungus and arm pit stains combined. I think that was the reason this was my car to drive. My folks wanted to insure that there would be no hanky-panky going on when I went out on dates. They were very successful in their assumption. If you'd like to purchase the car you see pictured its for sale at this website. 


So what do you call your car? Do you treat your car like a friend or is it more like a faithful and loyal servant? Do other people know your car by name? Please share those names with us and the stories behind those names and maybe tomorrow we can put a story together highlighting the best of Acadiana's Car Names and you and your car could be a star.



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