Superstitious? I'm sure all of us have some sort of quirky superstition. Most of us keep those quirks to ourselves but others, who love being the center of attention, will share those strange rituals and observations with you all day long today.  That is not why you should love this Friday the 13th of the year. The reason why you should embrace this Friday the 13th is simple, it's not your fault.

Although the details are sketchy as to its origin today is also known as Blame Someone Else Day. I know you know people that do this every day but on this day even hard working, responsible people like you and I get to pass the buck. It's like the Universe is giving us a hall pass to act like an elected official.

Did you spill coffee on your shirt? Blame someone else. Did you rear end a school bus? Blame someone else? Did you pass a totally ridiculous health care initiative that makes no sense and puts good people at risk of not getting the medical attention they need? Blame someone else!

The sad truth about Blame Someone Else day is that we have an entire generation of people who are being raised to believe this day is everyday. If you didn't make the soccer team, it was because the coach didn't like you.  If you didn't do the work and made failing grades but you want an A in the class, it's obviously the teacher's fault.  If you denied your child the love and attention he needed and did not seek professional help when there was obviously a mental issue at hand and he went on a shooting rampage at his school, it was obviously the gun manufacturers who clearly screwed the pooch.

When celebrated in a lighthearted and fun way today should be a day we embrace. If you look too far below the surface at reality then it's a frightening reminder that we are fast becoming a nation of no consequences and even less responsibility. Regardless the day will be what the day will be and if it isn't everything you hoped for, then you can blame me.

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