You've probably already answered this question and if you are like everyone I asked it to. You are wrong. You probably said when referring to a female dude, she would be a dudette. Nope, not even close, at least if you count Merriam-Webster's Dictionary as a reliable source.

I am sure you're wondering, "Bruce, how did you even come to think of this?". It happened at the grocery store yesterday. I was standing in line with my stuff listening to a couple of whippersnappers entertain each other while they waited for the checkout lady to ring up their overrated beer. I am fairly sure that this might have been the second six pack because they were "dude" this and "dude" that with every other word.

As slightly buzzed individuals are prone to do they decided to include the cashier in on their conversation. As polite cashiers are prone to do, she smiled and played along. I am sure she was hoping she could get their ID checked and send them on their way. When one of them referred to her as "dude" the other shot back, "nahh man, she's a dudette". That is when the cashier whipped out the nugget I am about to share with you.

The cashier told the young man that "dudette" was not correct. The proper term one should use when referring to a female dude is dudine.  I must admit that caught me by surprise. For a brief moment the two magpies were quiet. Then one of them whipped out his telephone and asked the gods of the internet for clarification. Here is what Merriam Webster's dictionary has to says on the subject.

dud·ine noun \(ˈ)d(y)ü¦dēn\

Full Definition of DUDINE:  a female dude

I bet you didn't know that one either did you? Feel free to use the term and to cite this article when you get in a discussion at your next barbeque, bridge club, or Pampered Chef party.