The fastest two minutes in sports happens this afternoon. The Kentucky Derby one of America's most entertaining sporting events will unfold shortly after 5 today and I am about to tell you who the winner is going to be. It's a free service I offer for people who don't mind ending the day with less money than they started.

Here is how I see the run for the roses. The first thing I look for when I handicap a Kentucky Derby field is this, what horse is Calvin Borel riding. Calvin has a knack for finding the fast way around Churchill Downs and it's hard to bet against him. I also look for who Kent Desormeaux is riding. Can you tell my Louisiana jockey bias? It's not so much a Louisiana thing as it is a comfort level I have with over 20 years of cashing tickets thanks to these two guys.

Up next I look for closers, the horses that come flying at the wire. In this case I think I have found two picks that will serve me well in the traffic the 20 horse derby field will present. So are you ready? Here is how I see the outcome of today's race.

The winner #3 Take Charge Indy with Calvin Borel pointing to the heavens and saying something totally inaudible in the post race interview. The second place horse is Creative Cause #8. I see him barley squeaking by a tiring Dullahan the #5 horse. So fans of the exotics your trifecta is 3-8-5. I also have the #15 Gemologist in the mix as a possible player so include him in  your boxes and wheels.

I also have a longshot hunch horse that I think is worth dropping a little coin on too. That is the #16 horse El Padrino with Rafael Bejerano in the irons. Bejerano and I have a good working relationship that he knows nothing about but thanks to him I once went to Phoenix to buy charcoal.  So there you have it, place your bets and get ready to call me genius. This time the big money is coming home with me.

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