The world of photography intrigues me. It doesn't intrigue me enough to purchase an expensive camera or take lessons on how to do it better, but it captures my fancy.

I am to professional photographers what weekend softball players are to major league baseball players. I take pictures for me and I very rarely would ask you or anyone else to suffer through my countless bad shots just to see one or two good ones.


The cool thing about pictures is the story behind them. The picture of the rose I teased you with is not so much about a flower as it is about the feeling I got sharing that flower with someone special. Even though the outstanding color and symmetry of the rose is nice it still isn't the best picture I ever took.

This is the best picture I ever took.

This is a picture of sunrise at New Smyrna Beach Florida taken on the morning of July 12, 2012. To me the simplicity of the photo and the understated grandeur of nature speak volumes. I could look at this picture all day and make up a thousand stories about what this particular day was dawning upon. If you look just below the rising sun you can see Africa. The subtle color shifts and gentle curve of the breaking waves give the mind a reason to wander.

I can't help but thinking this can be such a peaceful planet when we humans leave it alone. If you'd like to see the video of this same sunrise you can watch it here. It's just a peaceful 3 minutes that might make your day a little calmer and make you feel a little more in synchronicity with the world around you.

I do have a challenge for you, I would like to make a photo gallery for our website and call it "The best picture I ever took". I need you to send me your picture.

You might have a photo of a child, the beach, a pet or just a moment that you captured in time. Maybe you've just seen something so incredible you had to take a picture of it because nobody would believe you when you told them about it.


If you want to share the story behind the picture that would make it even more interesting. You can find my contact information at the top corner of this website or you can just email me directly, I look forward to seeing the best picture YOU ever took.