Today's dilemma has to do with smelling presentable. That usually means deodorant. I am not a big fragrance person. I usually limit my fragrance use to deodorant only because my nose is quite sensitive to most perfumes and colognes. We could do a piece on people who wear way too much smell good another time but this is about packaging.

I use a basic deodorant stick from the folks at Old Spice. I know I am an older man and that's what we older, wiser, sexier, more sophisticated, highly desirable, insatiable, delusional, men use. You young bucks can have your Axe D-bag body spray, I'll stick with the stuff that doesn't make angels fall from the sky from asphyxiation, it simply helps the wearer not smell like the north bound end of a south bound mule after working most of the day. Old Spice is the deodorant that makes women want you to come back from the sea and whistle while throwing a duffel bag on your shoulder.

My dilemma with the Old Spice  has more to do to with the last few days of the deodorant stick rather than the product itself. Take a gander at the true life confession video we have prepared and you will see what I mean.

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