Am I a curmudgeon? You know one of those old guys that just can't find anything right with the world? I like to think I am not because I do see a lot of good in the world. I'd like to think I spend more time looking for good than I do for bad but this aint about good and bad.

This is about being lazy and entitlement.

Have you ever been stuck in traffic on the interstate and some guy goes zipping by you on the shoulder? Don't you hate that guy? Or the guy that doesn't understand the concept of standing line to pay the cashier and attempts to jump ahead of you? Or that guy in the check out line that stands shoulder to shoulder with you while you're attempting to enter your debit card? Those are always candidates for my douche of the day.

This particular person I featured in the video really torqued me off. I don't know why I let it bother me but it did. There were at least six parking spots right up close to the store but this guy didn't think that those were good enough for him.  Why her or she just didn't drive their car right into the produce department escapes me. If they are that entitled I am sure the Winn-Dixie would have opened their emergency doors to let them  drive on in.

I understand waiting close to the store when it's raining with a driver in the vehicle but only long enough to load groceries and then move. It's against the law to park in a fire lane. It's really hard to enforce that law because there is only one guy whose job it is to go around town writing tickets and making people  move. I met him one time but he didn't have much time to talk.   I bet he is a busy fellow.