You probably saw the video of Jude Walker's dog letting loose with what might the longest howl known to mankind. His dog is certainly talented and very smart. My dog, not so much on the smart side. You've probably seen the many times I have referred to him as Cotton, The World's Dumbest Dog. It's a name he has earned in his 10 plus years hanging around our house. I guess the family feels sorry for him so they let him hang around. They extend the same courtesy to me too.

Here is one of Cotton's shining moments if you ask me. In the video he is trying to get my daughter, Anna, to pick him up and let him sit on the couch with her. If you listen carefully you can hear him say "Anna". There is one time where he says "Anna up".

Is this coincidence or has Cotton been able to talk all this time? Maybe that's why my wife always knows what I have been doing while she is at work. Watch and listen and decide for yourself, is Cotton, The World's Dumbest Dog, now Cotton, The Dog that won't Shut Up!


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