I love cooking barbeque and slow smoked meats. There is nothing more succulent than a beef brisket that has been cooking low and slow for several hours. The way the fat of the meat melts together with the seasoning that has been rubbed into the beef is truly a taste of heaven. The problem with cooking low and slow  is that you usually have to do it outside in the cold or the heat. Thanks to my new favorite kitchen gadget I can cook low and slow anytime and all the time.

It's the Crock Pot BBQ Pit. From the name you can figure out the Crock Pot BBQ Pit comes from a long lineage of slow cookers. The Crock Pot has long been a staple in South Louisiana households for red beans and sausage, gumbos, soups and stews. They have now taken the principles of the Crock Pot slow cooker and applied to a smoker, barbeque configuration.

What makes this gadget so cool is the shape. It's longer and deeper than a standard slow cooker, which means you can fit an entire brisket or several racks of ribs inside. The unit heats a ceramic core and that core holds the temperature steady and constant through out the entire cooking process. The lid seals on tightly to hold in moisture there so the meat never gets dry.

Cleaning up this gadget is a breeze too, just a swish with warm soapy water and into the dishwasher it goes.

If you're looking for some great outdoor flavor but don't want to get out into the elements I suggest you take a look at this thing. I am sure there are several different brands that make similar units so find the one that is in your price range and lets start sharing some recipes.