We have established that today is in fact 10/4. That day October the fourth because of its numerical display was declared in 1976 as Citizen Band Radio Day by President Jimmy Carter. The CB radio has long been a lifeline to the American Truck Driver. It's been his source for information, conversation, friendship, and a great way to stay out of trouble too. Tonight on Classic Country Saturday Night we're saluting the CB and you can't do that without a shout out to the truckers.

That got me to thinking about all the great truck driving songs there are. There are certainly more than I have room to list here. If I didn't include one of your favorites I'm not being mean, I just don't have the room but I would be honored if you listed it in the comments section below.

Regardless, here are five of my favorites Truck Driving Songs in no particular order:

Six Days On The Road - Dave Dudley: I don't know if Dave Dudley every drove a truck but he sure sings like he could drive one. This song will get you a speeding ticket on just about any stretch of roadway in America. It's hard not to go hammer down when it comes on the radio.


Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses - Kathy Mattea: Maybe it's because I have a secret crush on Kathy Mattea or maybe I understand the romance of the road. This is just a sweet song about a hard working man who is finally coming home to be with his one true love.


Convoy - C.W. McCall: This was the song that got the whole darn CB craze going for the non-trucking world. It was such a big hit they made a really terrible movie based on it. Another thing, C.W. McCall was an advertising guy, not a singer or songwriter. It just goes to show there is still hope for me the country music business.


Phantom 309 - Red Sovine : You can't have truck driving song list with out Red Sovine. I could have put Teddy Bear in here but I don't like it as much as I like Phantom 309. There is something about a "ghost truck" and the spine chilling tale of how it became legend that just works better for me. Teddy Bear lover's don't hate, but give the Phantom some respect too.

Eastbound and Down - Jerry Reed: At the first note of that crashing banjo lick when this song cranks up you can't help but apply pressure to what ever is under your left foot. This song is about the thrill of the open road and driving well beyond the posted speed. Jerry Reed is the man. One of the greatest pickers to ever pick a tune. He was a pretty good actor and he wore some ugly ass clothes. He also hid a buried treasure near Atlanta that nobody has ever found.


There are five of my favorite trucking songs and I know you have yours. Tell me what your favorites are and maybe we can do a list of your favorites too!



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