Gun ownership is on the rise these days. And apparently in North Louisiana, so is the stealing of them.

A gun shop in Benton, Louisiana called Guns-N-Ammo was broken into late Saturday night. The store is located in the Kingston Corners Shopping Center at the corner of Benton Road and Kingston Road in North Bossier.

Now, this wasn't a typical break-the-glass-and-dash kind of deal. Oh no, these burglars got creative.

The thieves decided they'd be smart and cut a hole in the roof of the building and lower themselves inside to do the deed.

According to reports, the hole in the ceiling, which went through roofing and insulation, was just wide enough for a person to squeeze inside. The burglars then used a rope to lower themselves into the shop.

While unconfirmed, it is believed that about 63 firearms were stolen.

A local TV station spoke with the owners of the store, but they declined to comment at the time.

Hopefully, there is surveillance footage of some sort that helps local police to identify and eventually nab these crooks.

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