Former LSU quarterback, and the #1 pick in the 2020 NFL draft, Joe Burrow, is not a fan of LSU's Mike the Tiger (Mike VII) living in a cage. Burrow spoke to the guys of Barstool Sports 'Pardon My Take' on Friday, May 8th. The future Cincinnati Bengals quarterback made it very clear that he is against the captivity of wild animals. When asked by the hosts of the show if he had seen the wildly popular Netflix Documentary 'Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness', he said he wasn't really into that kind of subject matter, and probably wouldn't be watching. He also said he was against the idea of Mike VII living in a cage on campus.

According to TMZ, Burrow said "Actually, I haven't watched it yet, I'm anti animal in cage. So, I'm not gonna watch it, I don't think.". This might come as a surprise to the thousands of LSU fans who adore Mike the Tiger, who has his own kingdom in full view on the campus in Baton Rouge. His habitat is fit for the king of the jungle, and you can watch Mike 24/7 on the webcam below.

Just FYI, Burrow's new gig with the Bengals features a fake tiger mascot named 'Who Dey', so he really doesn't have to worry about that cage thing once he gets to Paul Brown Stadium. Listen to the whole 'Pardon My Take' interview below.





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