Humans are by nature  compassionate. Our ability to sympathize and empathize with those who are need are what truly separates us from the lower life forms. Unfortunately not all human beings were born with the ability to be human.

This is video of a poor beggar woman in New York City. I should say video of a con artist playing the sensibilities of unsuspecting pedestrians. The only impairment this piece of trash has is a broken moral compass. In my opinion this lady is no more than a common thief . Since people give money to her freely no crime is being committed.

How do you feel about giving beggars money? My personal choice is to give to accredited charities and let them take care of those in need. Far to many times I have seen allegedly disabled individuals suddenly become healthy enough to make it to the liquor store just moments after they have been given enough money to make a purchase.

Am I to jaded? Am I to cynical? Help me out on this one. I really want to help where I can, but I hate being lied to.