One woman got quite the shock while riding the subway recently, as someone dressed up in a 'Chucky' costume began attacking her out of nowhere. The video has gone viral online with many on social media reacting to the absurdity of the scene.


It was a packed subway car with many passengers looking down at their phone, not paying attention.

But out of nowhere came someone dressed as 'Chucky'.

Twitter via @kirawontmiss
Twitter via @kirawontmiss

The real-life Chucky doll latched onto one woman's leg in an attack.

People on the subway car were absolutely shocked. Eventually, someone grabbed the mask off of Chucky as he launched another attack.


Real-Life 'Chucky' Doll Attacks Unsuspecting Woman on New York City Subway

See the video shared to Twitter by @kirawontmiss here.

Reactions to the clip coming from Twitter below.

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