The times they are a changing when social media is more popular with old people than young people.

Of course by "old" we're only talking "35 and up", which isn't that old, but just go with it for this story.

According to a new study by Nielsen, people 35 to 49 years old now spend the most hours of any age group on social media. They spend an average of seven hours a week.

Those whippersnappers at 18 to 34 spend just over six hours per week.

The study also found that women spend more time on social media than men. (That's right, we have stuff to do outside like hunting, fishing and drinking beer...but mostly drinking beer.)

25% of women's time online is on Facebook, Instagram and the rest versus 19% for men.

And whether you love it or hate it, Facebook is still the most popular social network.

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