Sometimes, you just need to get away, and renting a cabin for you and the family for a weekend can be exactly what the doctor ordered. Let's take a look at some of the fantastic cabins for rent in and around the Lafayette, Louisiana area.

Cabin Rentals Lafayette, Louisiana

With so many great State parks and cabin rentals around Lafayette, you won't have to travel far to find the perfect one for the weekend.

From RV campgrounds to cabin rentals, we have so many great options in Acadiana.

Whether you're looking for cabins where you can launch a boat or just fish off of the dock, your choices are plentiful.

Obviously there are numerous Louisiana state parks you can visit and rent cabins, but let take a look at a few places outside of those.

Below are just a few of the great choices for a weekend getaway.

Bayou Cabins - 100 W Mills Ave, Breaux Bridge.

Located on the Bayou Teche, Bayou Cabins have been featured on numerous television shows and movies.

For more information call 337-332-6158 or go to

Bayou Cabins Breaux Bridge
Google Maps

Acadiana Park Campground - 1201 E Alexander St, Lafayette.

Google reviews are pretty good with some calling Acadiana Park Campground a "hidden gem".

Located in the Acadiana Park Nature Station, this is a place, not too many people even realize exists.

For more call 337-291-8388.

Acadiana Park Campground
Google Maps

Lafayette KOA Holiday - 1825 St Mary St, Scott.

This spot offers cabins, RV camping, tent camping, two pools, an arcade, and even a mini-golf course.

Find out more by calling (800) 562-0809 or by visiting

Lafayette KOA Holiday
Google Maps

Poche's Rv Park & Fish-N-Camp - 1080 Sawmill Hwy, Breaux Bridge.

What can you say about Poche's that hasn't already been said?

Poche's is just a fantastic place to spend a long weekend with your family.

RV camping, camping, fishing, paddle boats, live music...Poche's pretty much has it all.

Find out more by calling 337-332-0326 or by visiting

Cajun Pondside Cabin - 402 Boxie Rd, Arnaudville

Located only four miles north of Lafayette, Cajun Pondside Cabin boasts a stocked pond, gazebo, paddle boat, BBQ/Fire pit, and more.

For more call 337-706-5893 or visit

Cajun Pondside Cabin
Google Maps

Palmetto Island State Park
- 19501 Pleasant Dr, Abbeville

Cabins, campgrounds, RV camping, boat launch, canoe rentals, and more.

Google reviews for Palmetto Island State Park are fantastic.

For Halloween, Palmetto Island State Park pulls out all of the stops offering camper trick-or-treating.

Call 337-893-3930 or visit for more.

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