Easter is right around the corner and you may have already partaken in some of the delicious treats that the holiday brings.

One of the all-time great Easter candy delights is Cadbury Creme Eggs. However, I'm thinking the latest concoction involving this Easter holiday staple will not take off in the United States.

Heinz Creme Egg Mayo is now a thing. That's right, the whacky folks in the UK thought it'd be a good idea to mix mayonnaise with Cadbury Creme Eggs!

Y'all wrong for that.

Look, mixing a little mayo with ketchup to make your crawfish dip is one thing, but this, that ain't nothin' anybody want to even take a taste!

In a press release, Heinz and Cadbury said the spread was created "in a moment of taste bud tingling brilliance."

Sure pals, you keep believing that nonsense.

Meanwhile, we shouldn't have to be taxed with the decision of whether or not to try this stuff as this limited-edition spread will only be available in the UK.


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