This weekend the Ragin'Cajun Basketball team will head south to play in the Cayman Islands Basketball Tournament. The Cajun's open play on Monday and to be honest the tournament is a great excuse to visit one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

Since basketball will only take up a few hours of your time in the islands there is no doubt you'll be looking for some other things to do. I suggest Stingray City. It's an attraction that I don't think is duplicated anywhere in the world.

This wildlife park allows you to climb in the water and actually swim with some of the most graceful and elegant creatures in the ocean. Many of the stingrays will allow you to actually touch them. I have to admit their skin feels very unique. It's unlike any other creature's skin that I have ever touched.

I love these one on one kinds of encounters with nature. A chance to see creatures up close and in their environment is truly a thrill. After a few minutes in the water watching these incredible animals soar across and beneath the waves, you'll probably be asking yourself. How did one of these things kill Steve Irwin?

Sorry for the bring down, it's just my way of reminding you that they are wild animals and while the inherent danger to humans is minimal you still need to be sober and cautious.


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