One of the most beloved burgers in Acadiana from a year gone by is no doubt the Cajun Blaze from Burger Tyme.

It has been several years since Burger Tyme closed up shop, but the memory of their signature burger is still held in the hearts (and stomachs) of many fans.

Well, we've got a bit of good news -- Cajun Blaze Seasoning is making a comeback!

Burger Tyme of America
Burger Tyme of America

The family that still owns the Burger Tyme brand announced the news through a Facebook post yesterday.

The seasoning is not yet available for purchase, but it sure sounds like that is only a matter of time. The following is posted on

We are currently discussing terms with local retail stores to carry the original Cajun Blaze™ Seasoning. Please contact us today, if you or someone you know, would like to carry our products.

While this may not be as epic as the return of the Cajun Blaze or Bon Temps Poulet would be, it sure is a start.

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