Burger Tyme, Home of the Cajun Blaze, was a delicious burger restaurant that had a few locations throughout Acadiana.

If you look into lists from closed businesses that people from the area miss, it's almost guaranteed that Burger Tyme will be on this list. It's actually quite a surprise to me that no one has tried to revive it.

Their unique take on "cajun'ing" up their burgers, and other fast food favorites, made this an Acadiana staple. I can't find anything online as to why these restaurants closed.

They had one location on Bertrand where Cafe Habana City is now located. One location was on the Evangeline Thruway, which is now a used car lot. I saw a few people say that there was a Burger Tyme location in New Iberia as well on E. Admiral Doyle Dr.

The recipe for their signature burger, the Cajun Blaze, which featured grilled onions and Cajun seasoning, is one of the top searches when you type "Burger Tyme" into Google.

I didn't know that I remembered this jingle until I watched this video!

Did you or someone you know work at Burger Tyme? If so, we'd love to hear your stories from the restaurant, or maybe a "how to" on cooking the Cajun Blaze. EMAIL us if you can help!

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