This Sunday our Ragin Cajuns Men's basketball squad will be playing in the Sunbelt Conference Tournament in Hot Springs Arkansas. Like many of you, I have been asking, Why Hot Springs? I am sure the answer could be found in the warm soothing bathes, the antique shopping, the beautiful mountain scenery. However my guess is the answer can be found in the Sunbelt bank account. After all these amateur sports are all about money aren't they? There is a lot to do in Hot Springs, we used to go there when I was a kid. My Mom liked all the neat pottery places, my Dad liked the mineral baths and I became very interested in a place called Oaklawn. That's where I first found out that you can make a horse run slower just by adding the weight of two dollars on his back. If you do have plans to travel and support the Cajuns I hope you will make a long weekend out of it because Hot Springs is beautiful and there are somethings there that we don't have here, namely elevation.

Until the advent of modern medicine in the late 1940's, visitors from around the world flocked to the natural hot springs to bathe in its healing thermal waters. Modern generations have carefully preserved the rich history of the springs and the bathing rituals that made the springs a world attraction.

For those of you not making the trip you can hear the game with Jay Walker on our sister stations ESPN 1420 and Hot 107.9. Game time is Sunday at 6:45! Geaux Cajuns!

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