When I think of where and what the worst college football stadiums in the country could be, UL's Cajun Field never crosses my mind. Somehow, Cajun Field has indeed landed on a list of "Worst Stadiums In College Football", and here's supposedly why...

Moneywise.com are the folks who put this list together. They compiled their list based on factors like attendance, online comments and some others that I didn't see listed.

When explaining the list, moneywise.com says "Some college teams play in iconic shrines. Think Michigan Stadium, the Ohio State 'Horseshoe' and Notre Dame Stadium. But others have home fields that probably remind fans of high school, or worse."

In their Top 25 list of the "Worst Stadiums In College Football", Cajun Field comes in at number 12 on the list.

Here's what they have to say -

"Home to the Ragin’ Cajuns, Cajun Field has been known for its lack of a student section, which contributes to a ho-hum game day experience.

The muted enthusiasm levels might help explain the Cajuns' relatively poor attendance numbers in a football-loving state.

While the stadium does get five stars on Yelp, there are only two reviews. "Only thing it could have used was some shade, so hot!" writes one fan."

So, at least they're giving us credit for the 5 star Yelp review.

You can see the rest of this list over Moneywise.com.

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