When people say the name Bigfoot I naturally think of Monster Jam. That is because I am a rational human being that doesn't buy into the super eclectic nonsense of science fiction. For years there has allegedly been a large human like creature roaming the Pacific Northwest of these United States. To this day there has been no physical proof of Sasquatch or Bigfoot actually existing. Not to be outdone by such nonsense where smoking pot is legal, Louisiana appears to have it's own version of Bigfoot, Cajun Sasquatch.

It appears that the Cajun Sasquatch is very similar is size and stature to his northwestern cousin. The creature allegedly lives in and around the Honey Island Swamp and Swamp Devils. These areas just happen to be in and around the buffer zone for the John C. Stennis Space Center.

How convenient, a mythical creature that lives on a protected government installation. This means very little contact from outside sources and the ever present threat of a government cover up. Naturally the folks at the Stennis Center deny the existence of any such creature.

The legend of the creature came to light in a song entitled " Honey Island Swamp Monster".It seems the creature came to be as a result of a VooDoo curse gone bad. The alleged creature is also known as La Bete Noire, which is French for "black beast".

Those that live and work near the swamp especially at night believe it's real. I will let you decide for yourself. If you dare to go, just head east on I-10 and when you get to the Stennis Space Center stop in for some modern technology and a little old fashioned Cajun storytelling.

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