Is This A Rougarou? [Video]
Y'all, I know I post a lot of strange things on our website, but I think I've come across the strangest, most un-explainable video I've ever seen. I don't know what part of the world this video is coming from, but I wish I knew so I can make certain I never go there. Watch as this young creature, Rougarou looking thing walks around and does stuff. What is going on here?!?
Sasquatch Caught On Camera? [Video]
So, the other day two guys were hiking in the mountains near Squamish, B.C. when they spotted something that just didn't make sense. They could see something moving in the snow covered valley below them, so they got their camera out to zoom in. What they captured appears to be something humanoid, walking on two legs with its arms down by its side. Could this be a Sasquatch?
Cajun Sasquatch?
If you're looking for Bigfoot or a Bigfoot like creature you don't have spend a whole lot of money going to hunt for him. Did you know Louisiana has our very own Cajun Sasquatch? It appears he lives right down the road next to a NASA testing facility.