A Sasquatch researcher who works in the Kisatachie area in the Central Louisiana area tells The Town Talk "There are sasquatches among us. It's a matter of paying attention."

Kisatachie National Forest
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Sasquatch in Kisatachie National Forrest

For many years there have numerous claims of people seeing a Big Foot, or Sasquatch in the Alexandria area of the Kisatchie forest. Now, one researcher says it's all true.

In a recent interview with Alexandria's The Town Talk, a Sasquatch researcher tells reporters that there are indeed  Sasquatch in the Kisatachie forest and says he has communicated with them telepathically.

The researcher chose not to disclose his real name, going only by Claude in his recent interview with The Daily Town Talk.

He claims that there are Sasquatch all over Louisiana, it's just a matter of paying attention to actually see one.

Claude says he can sense when a Sasquatch is around.

Claude tells The Town Talk that he has been communicating telepathically with several Sasquatch for years.

"For several years, Claude says has been communicating with a few of them telepathically. Like the sasquatches, he finds peace and healing being out in the forest where he loves to camp.

They talk about all kinds of things including who they are, where they’re from, and what their lifestyle is like. "

via Rueben Wright
via Rueben Wright

The anonymous researcher says that Sasquatch are extremely intelligent and have keen forest senses like a deer or a bear in addition to a "very human side" that is "Very rational. Very practical."

Claude says that Sasquatch refer to themselves as people, and actually feel that the term "Big Foot" is derogatory.

He says his first telepathic encounter was with a female Sasquatch who initiated contact with him.

The female Sasquatch telepathically said "Don't come in here" as he approached an area in the forest where she was nursing her young.


Claude claims he asked her why she had not communicated with him sooner, and he tells The Town Talk this was her answer -

"Because your mind is too busy. From the time humans wake up until the time they go to sleep at night, their minds are constantly in motion.

You wake up thinking about what you didn’t do yesterday, what you need to do today and it just snowballs. It gives us a headache. We don’t do that. We don’t have to."

There's a whole lot more to this, and you can read the full interview at thetowntalk.com.

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