Apparently the big fuzzy guy came out of hiding for a copy of Craig Morgan's New CD "This Ole Boy".


On February 28, 2012 Craig Morgan's latest CD This Ole Boy was released. His first new music in three years, and this created quite a stir at a Walmart in rural Oregon State early Tuesday morning.

Shoppers congregated outside of the store when rumors started flying that the famous furry man-beast Sasquatch had been seen in the store right before daybreak picking up a copy of Morgan's new album utilizing the self check-out line. No conformation has been released whether the elusive creature paid cash or used a card.

A Walmart spokesperson had the following to say:

We are still looking into the details of this event. It's my understanding we have captured a photograph of Sasquatch slipping back into the wooded area behind the store. While we cannot confirm exactly how Sasquatch was able to work the self check-out, we are pleased he shopped at Walmart for his music needs.

Sources have also indicated that Animal Planet's television show Finding Bigfoot has already made plans to start utilizing Morgan's This Ole Boy in an attempt to lure the elusive Sasquatch.

An anonymous source with the popular television show had the following statement: 'Obviously we feel pretty stupid right now. We've been televising failed searches for Big Foot for quite some time. How he simply slipped into a Walmart and bought a CD baffles us. Right now we are trying to determine if he's a Craig Morgan fan in general, or if there's something particularly appealing about Craig's new song This Ole Boy.'

Morgan, who's hits include Bonfire, That's What I Love About Sunday, Redneck Yacht Club, Almost Home, and a host of others is one of country music's most loved artists.


Even Sasquatch is a fan!

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