Massive Oil Slick Reaches Louisiana Gulf Coast
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Most of us that live here KNOW the difference between cajun food and recipes, and creole food and recipes, but with summer in full swing, and lots of out of state visitors, it's a safe bet that not everyone knows the delicious difference. And by the way - I love them both!

I always heard when I was younger, that Cajun food was 'country' and Creole food was 'city' - that seems like a pretty good analogy! Our friends at have a great article that spells it out for the various cuisines we have here in Louisiana, and tells us what the differences are between the two distinct types of Louisiana food are.

I always think of cajun cuisine as having a lot of vegetables, because it originates from rural areas, and creole cuisine has lots of Italian and tomato based dishes. I mean, a lot of folks in Acadiana make their gumbo with okra, and you hardly ever see that on New Orleans menus. And that is just ONE of the differences. I also think it's a cultural thing, and what you like depends on where you grew up, too. Pass this along to all your out of state friends, and happy eating, ya'll!