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Pickled Pigs Lips - Have You Tried Them?
I must admit I am intrigued and slightly disgusted at the same time. I know if we judged food by what it was down in South Louisiana we would starve and miss out on some great treats. I just don't know if I am Cajun brave enough yet.
Lydia Cajun Food Fest This Weekend
Get ready because this weekend is Lydia's Cajun Food Fest, sponsored by the Lydia Cancer Association. What is better than a two day food festival?... I'm not quite sure. Be sure to grab your family and friends for this one, folks! You're in for a big treat this Friday and Saturday.
Ridin’ Lawn Mower Cajun Style [Video]
We, the people of South Louisiana, have learned how to not only make do, but make better with what the Good Lord gives us. You can find it in our food, you can see it in our houses and if you want to convince your kids to help out with the yard work this Summer you need to get you one of these. It&a…

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