What major professional sports franchise almost used "'Cajuns" as the team nickname?

We all know "Ragin' Cajuns" is one of the more unique, and recognizable nickname in collegiate athletics, but not as many realize that "Cajuns" was nearly used over 40 years ago.

When the city of New Orleans was granted an expansion franchise by the NBA in 1974, a contest was held to come up with the nickname.

Over 6.500 names were submitted, with 8 finalists emerging; Jazz, Dukes, Crescents, Pilots, Blues, Deltas, Knights, and Cajuns.

Of course, the franchise ultimately decided upon the name "Jazz", and became the New Orleans Jazz, from 1974-1979.

Following the 1978-1979 season, the franchise moved from New Orleans to Salt Lake City, Utah, but decided to keep the Jazz name, and became the Utah Jazz.

No, there is no history of jazz music in the state of Utah, but the Utah Cajuns probably would have been an even worse fit.

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