Hopefully, the time is fast approaching when we can all gather in groups and sing celebratory songs and serve beautifully decorated cakes festooned with lit candles. Yeah, that's a nine dollar way to describe the fact that I hope very soon we'll be able to get together to celebrate birthdays with cake very soon.

And when we do there should be no problems in getting the cake cut perfectly, cleanly, and in equal portions. That, thanks to this social media Mom's life hack for cake cutting.

What she is doing is using a pair of barbeque tongs, you know the kind that are basically a single piece of metal that has been bent in such a way as to form the peak of a triangle on one end and the tong grippers on the other?

Anyway, she is using the tongs backward on the cake. She takes the small bend of the tongs and centers it near the middle of the cake. She then pushes down on both sides of the tongs yielding a clean, concise, accurately cut, triangular piece of cake every time.

If you're looking for uniformity in your slices, trust me that's important with kids, then this could be the hack you've been looking for. Now, I just have to know did she come up with this on her own or was this simply a mistake that worked out well. You know like when Bob Ross screws up painting and suddenly there is a tree and a flock of birds on the canvas.


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