While the New Orleans area remains the area hardest hit by the coronavirus in the state. The less urbanized areas of Louisiana are still at risk for the spread of the deadly virus. That was illustrated last night at a press conference called last night.

During that press conference at the Calcasieu Emergency Operations Center, it was announced that an individual with a confirmed case of coronavirus had died. There were no specifics offered about the victim. The age of the individual was not given. It was also not disclosed if the individual suffered from underlying health conditions.

The reported death will not show up on the Louisiana Department of Health website until Noon today when that data is updated. As of the last report, LDH was showing four cases of COVID-19 in Calcasieu Parish. There were two cases reported in Allen Parish and one more case reported in Beauregard Parish.

Health officials are reminding citizens that the number of cases will likely rise significantly over the next several days as the results of more and more testing data become available. In the last report, Louisiana was reporting over 1,110 cases of COVID-19 with the majority, over 800, of those cases reported in the New Orleans area.



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