A California court has ordered the Orange County Jail to reduce the inmate population by 50% out of concern for COVID-19 safety. The court unfortunately seems to have no concern for the public's safety however, because we're not talking about people who have been arrested for unpaid parking tickets. We're talking about violent criminals.

KNOE.com reports Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes says that due Civil Court Judge Peter Wilson siding with the American Civil Liberties Union over concerns of inmates spreading coronavirus in congregated living areas, more than 1,800 violent inmates will be released.

Sheriff Barnes says "The public should be in a panic, and they should be concerned about this release. These aren’t low-lying offenders, these are people in for very serious offenses: murder, attempted murder, domestic violence."

90 of the inmates are in jail for child molestation and are about to released back into the public according to KNOE.com.

So apparently the ACL is more concerned about the well being of murderers, child molesters and spousal abusers than the County's hard working, tax paying residents.

Makes sense, right?

Read more at KNOE.com.


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