Looking to try some new food to spice up your dinner?

The Country Butcher and Deli, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, has led the latest wave in odd delicacies by making a killing selling camel meat. So much so, in fact, the shop announced this week it has run out of the beef and won’t have more to sell for another two weeks.

The deli has been selling camel patties for $15.99/pound or ground up for $14.99/per pound. An employee said the shop was turned onto the meat by a Navy sailor who came in and said he’d had while stationed overseas and would like to have some more since he returned home.

The employee said, “A lot of people are trying it because it’s just something new. It’s a little gamey. It’s like beef. But it’s a little gamey almost like a lamb flavor at the end of your palette.”

In the hopes of appealing to curious customers, the deli also offers plenty of other exotic meats, including kangaroo (which is also currently sold out), ostrich, elk and alligator. Iguana meat will also be available soon.

Dig in.


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