I've had many conversations with friends over the years about methods that could possibly be developed to stop hurricanes from forming, or at least break up ones that already have. There are many other people who are much more qualified and intelligent than I am who are asking the same questions. As a matter of fact, these folks are actually developing things that could possibly, in fact, stop a hurricane. unfortunately, doing this may not be something we should do.

In the video below, you'll see a few different ideas and theories about what could be done to break hurricanes up, or at least weaken hurricanes. Laser beams, something called the "Hurricane Slayer" and hydrogen bombs are all discussed as possible methods to keep us safe from hurricanes. But, even if we can, does it mean that we should?

As the meteorologist at the end of the video explains, the Earth's atmosphere is a big equation. Changing this equation could have disastrous consequences and make things even worse.



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